Niche Winter 2014 Catalogue

Niche began as a way to give individuals living in large urban areas access to plants and natural elements not readily available in their inorganic and compact apartments. Our company has created an extensive collection of terrariums, and containers with succulents, cacti, and air plants that are easily maintained, yet provide a natural element to the space. Cities such as New York, Chicago, and Boston are heavily populated by people living in small housing with limited storage, square-footage, and natural light, so we began by bran-storming how our products would be utilized by our consumers within these spaces. Limited surface area on counters and tables led to products designed to sit on window sills and shelves as well as others that can be suspended from the ceiling and hung on the walls. The name “Niche” was chosen to refer to both the niche market that we are appealing to and the small nooks and crannies that will become home to our products.