Christian M Allison

dolcissimo confections

dolcissimo confections

The idea behind "Dolcissimo" is to create a synaesthetic product that could be used to highlight the correlation between the many colors of sound and the flavors of chocolates.


The Chart

The first step in the process was to visually map out each vocal part as outlined in the Guide to Operatic Roles and Arias by Richard Boldrey. In his book, Boldrey categorized each major vocal part by its "register," "vocal weight," and "timbre."


The Packaging

The linework on graph that resulted from classifying the vocal parts became the pattern that was embossed onto the packaging.


The Flavors

For each of the 27 vocal categories, I listened to a selection by a performer in that category. From there, I assigned a flavor profile based on the timbre of the voice—taking into consideration the "register" and "vocal weight" as assigned by Boldrey.

Here is just a taste:


54% dark chocolate red wine cordial

Light Lyric Coloratura Soprano
42% semisweet chocolate & lemon meringue

Full Dramatic Coloratura Soprano
72% dark chocolate with almonds

Full Lyric Mezzo-Soprano
tangerine-infused 72% semisweet chocolate

Dramatic Contralto
72% semisweet chocolate with licorice

Counter Tenor
54% milk chocolate with light mint center

Light Lyric Tenor
42% cacao chocolate with sweet cream filling

Heroic Tenor
86% cacao chocolate, chilli pepper, & espresso

Full Lyric Baratone
54% milk chocolate with almond nougat center

whiskey-infused 72% semisweet chocolate

Dramatic Bass
86% dark chocolate bourbon cordial


The Chocolate

As the final component of this synesthetic piece, the chocolates themselves were colored to coordinate not only with the flavor profile, but the colors that were inspired by the music.

The Process

Each package was made by hand—first by gold-foiling the logo onto the brown, texture paper then laser-engraving a masonite plate, which was run through a printmaking press with the paper. This resulted in a deep impression that gave the finished product a bold texture.