Christian M Allison

About Me

I look at everything through the lens of "what if?"


I began my academic career at the University of Florida tracking to be America's Next Top Orthodontist (I know—right?), but after a major shift, I found myself in the graphic design program. I split my time between coursework in theatre and theatre production, art history, and more analogue mediums of design such as bookbinding and printmaking in addition to my graphic design studios.

After graduation, I spent some time working for Apple, inc. where my co-workers and Guests taught me efficiency, customer service, and every possible way to break an iPhone beyond repair.

For the past two years, I have been working as a freelance art director working with clients in the advertising industry, quite literally selling magic.

My creative approach is to go beyond what is expected and deliver a new way of looking at an idea and opening up an honest dialogue between myself and the client. I believe that there is always an alternative solution to a project and together, we can create work that turns heads.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

"I'd like to think my background in astronomy gives me an advantage because it keeps my head in the stars"

(yeah—I actually typed that)